based In the Belleville Area

Elite Beat Productions
276 N Park St Belleville, ON K8P2Z1 CA
Phone: 6138277578 Website: www.elitebeatproductions.com


Looking for a fireworks show for your next event? Let us know how long of a show you would like for you and your guests!

Licensed and certified pyro technicians

Music is played during fireworks! Your choice of song selection
Includes sparklers for guests during the fireworks outside.

$1500 – bronze 2 min show (30X3”, 5X4”, 1X5”, 3 cakes)

$2500 – silver 3 min show (30X2”, 10X4”, 3X5” 1X6” 4 cakes)

$3500 – gold 5 min show (cylindrical shells) (30X3” 10X4” 8X5” 3X6”, 4 cakes+)

$5500 – platinum 8 min show (6-10 vary on intensity) (cylindrical shells) (48X3” 15X4” 12X5” 9X6” 5 cakes+)

Requires the following: Site plan, owners consent, and fire department notice.

Timing is approximate and depends on client wishes, wind, site size and rain.

(Rain location and date required (50%down)

Bride/Groom have the opportunity to press start button for fireworks launch!